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Friday, 16 December 2011

Two London meetings in December emphasising community resilience

TTT members took part in two recent London meetings:
London Transition Groups Gathering

On Dec 1st, 100 participants from over 25 London Transition groups - and beyond - met at City Hall, by Tower Bridge on the Thames.
As well as meeting new people and following up links and ideas, we heard quick updates from 4 speakers:  on the London Low Carbon Communities Network, from two of London’s funded Low Carbon Zones, and from the founder of Project Dirt. All these talks mixed humour, honesty about mistakes and celebration of successes with encouragement for the rest of us in our diverse community projects.
The main part of the evening was led by Rob Hopkins, who founded the Transition Movement seven years ago. His new book ‘The Transition Companion’ has just been launched: developed over 2 years of listening to and collecting stories about many Transition groups. (Yes, there is a lot in the book about Transition Tooting…have a look!).

Rob facilitated the ‘audience’ to participate by exploring a new
Transition tool – a set of cards illustrating the 40-plus ‘Ingredients of Transition’ which groups are using to support their projects and communities – and which he describes in the new book.

Photo: Rob looks on as TTT's ingedients are mapped by many hands using the picture cards
City University Food Symposium
On December 13th, City University hosted its second Food Symposium, bringing together over 150 people from community and consumer groups, farmers and food producers, wholesalers and retail chains, unions, universities, the NHS, local authorities, and the government.
The overall topic was the direction, roles and challenges facing UK food policy - influenced of course by change across the globe.
The day was convened by Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy at City University, who has supported several Transition Tooting events and lives locally.

After a morning of talks from a wide range of experts, the group divided into three (‘Civil Society’; the ‘Food Supply Chain’; the ‘State’) and addressed these questions: “what are the current challenges facing the UK food system from your perspective?”, and “what can be done about those challenges, and who will do it?”

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Footfall on our High Streets (plus some webbed feet too.....)

It's a fact: a local economy needs to take account of Peak Oil and Climate Change. We cannot 'grow' our economy without recognising we live on a finite planet. Our fiscal 'crisis' is tagged to these two reality-checked 'barriers to growth.'  How exciting to see the new government Mary Portas report on bringing life back onto our High Streets talk of community well-being and sustainability  -  though she explains it in terms of building social and cultural capital to build economic capital - bringing human footfall back onto our High Streets to create vibrant centres.
To join the dots between what Transition's been exploring for 4 years and what Portas herself is saying,  do look at this recent Transition Culture blog by  Rob Hopkins. 'Another world is not only possible..she's opening a bakery around the corner'.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Festive Making & Social II

An interesting evening learning new craft ideas and chatting was had by all on Tuesday evening. Wreath making from Community Garden unwanted ivy (great idea Maddie) and wrapping paper printed from polystyrene sheets (thanks Gillian) were particular hits alongside Mal's poms-poms! Is Hilary still knitting that pink thing? What will it be?

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Festive Making & Social

Tuesday sees the return of the TTT Festive Making & Social event which last year saw many of you unleash your creative skills making greeting cards, wallets from juice cartons, paper and even mincemeat!

This year, we have a plethora of talented creative types taking part with decorative pom-poms, origami and recycling of unwanted gifts already on the agenda.

Why not come along on the 6th December and get involved? Perhaps you would like to teach others a new skill or simply join in and learn something new yourself? Or both!

Things You Might Bring:
  • An unwanted gift to swap
  • Colourful wool for pom-poms
  • Any old wrapping paper, junk mail or magazines to recycle into something artistic
It's suitable for all the family. There will be a (non-alcoholic) fruit punch and something to eat, but do bring any food you can to share. The event runs from 6pm till 9pm at Mushkil Aasaan 222 Upper Tooting Rd

Friday, 25 November 2011

Vision & Pathways Reflections

A few reflections sent by participants after the Vision & Pathways day which took us from Where has TTT come from? via Where are we now? Where are we going? and How are we going to get there? to How will we know when we get there?

"I stepped through a leaf circle into a very different space ... a really great thought provoking day"

"I loved being in the cemetery - it was a gorgeous spot to be on such a beautiful autumn day"

"Wow ... thanks all for lovely day and your company"

"A comfortable and enjoyable day spent with friends planning and thinking about life. If I had stayed at home I would have been busy sanding, painting and cleaning, this was much better!"

 "My highspots of the day were where everyone talked about when they first encountered TTT and the what their highlight had been - it was lovely to hear how what felt sometimes like small events or moments had rippled out and caught people's imaginations".

Monday, 21 November 2011

Report of WEF meeting on local impact of the Green New Deal

Several of us from Transition Tooting attended this months' excellent WEF Open Meeting and WEF Co-Chair Jon Irwin has very kindly written up the details of the meeting for those who were not able to attend.

Green Deal - Notes from the Open Meeting 3rd November 2011
John Alker, Policy Director of the Green Building Council (GBC) introduced the Green Deal, as Justine Greening MP was delayed in arriving.

Background to the GBC:
It is a charity funded by it's members (building organisations, local authorities number amongst them). They are apolitical and can be viewed as part trade association part NGO. They form part of an international network of other green building council's with a presence in 80 countries.
25% of UK energy use is by UK housing stock. On average there are between 25-30k deaths each winter that are attributable to the cold.

Green Deal:
GBC has been involved in 2009 proposing a "pay as you save" scheme. The ideas from this have been taken up in the Green Deal. The charge for work done under the green deal is attached the the property over a 25 year period. Key element to the Green Deal is the Golden rule. Only measures that result in cost savings through energy efficiency over the lifetime of the deal can be included in it.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Vision & Pathways

We had an inspiring Vision & Pathways all day event at the amazing Streatham Cemetery (in Tooting) today, covering the past, present and future of TTT.  Hopefully we'll have a write up in due course, but meanwhile here is some photographic evidence!
 This bucolic rural idyll is in Tooting; no seriously it is ...
These people have vision or are at least on a pathway ...
And this year's Turner prize nominees are ...
More photos here:

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Local Economy & Currency

At the First Tuesday event on 1st November 2011 members of the local community came together to discuss the issues facing the local economy and what could be achieved by developing a community currency.  Could a Tooting Pound become a reality?  With one of highest levels of independent small businesses in the country, people like Tooting’s quirky feeling of energy, which we would not want to lose in favour of tidiness or an influx of chain stores.

Encouragingly the group felt that a community currency might help facilitate connections in the local economy, while also boosting the sense of community, causing people to explore new places to shop.  Perhaps the successful night time economy could help drive the daytime economy and maybe the currency would enable small businesses to feel connected, resilient, and therefore stronger together.

Thanks to Alex from TT Brixton who gave us a fascinating account of their experience of developing, implementing and maintaining the Brixton pound, to Chuck for bringing his money facts and extensive collection of bank notes from round the world and to Tim for running the evening and continuing to champion the concept.

We are definitely encouraged to put more time into developing a community currency with the caveat that ultimately the success or failure of the project rests with local people and businesses who might use it. It is obvious that if people in our community feel important, valued and included in the project, then the currency is more likely to succeed. After all is said and done, it will become their money!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Experiencing the camp at St Paul's

This past week, two TTT supporters have made separate visits to the 'Occupy London' camp outside St Paul's Cathedral. We asked them both to blog on our site to share their responses, and we hope you find their personal comments interesting and thought-provoking:

Jesse's experience:
On Saturday I decided to see what all the fuss was about and spend some time at the Occupy London Stock Exchange Camp outside St Paul’s. As has been commented on in the mainstream media it is difficult to simplify and describe; I thought it would be good to share my experience and let everyone know how they can get involved if they're interested.

Jane's experience:

I had been meaning to offer solidarity to the St Paul’s Camp for days and decided to spend last Wednesday there with the tenters. I arrived from the Tube fired up that someone is making a visible statement, to cry out against the extreme levels of inequality in our society. It has been too long.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Local Economy & Community Currency Event

What can we do together to support the local economy?
What's the value in developing a Tooting community currency?

Many local businesses are in direct competition with national chains, the internet and large suburban shopping centres. When 'big business' wins, another local shop closes or a small business goes bankrupt.

If you, like us, are concerned about the local economy and wish to talk to other like minded people our Local Economy & Community Currency event on Nov 1st might be just for you! We will be discussing how to strengthen our local economy, build new relationships, and how we spend our money. We will ask if we want a thriving local economy, or are we happy with our money going elsewhere? Do we want extended supply chains or short ones? How would this benefit us? Would a community currency help?

Venue: Mushkil Aasaan, 222 Upper Tooting Rd 7-9 pm.  All Welcome.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Gaia - the Cabaret

At short notice, Peter Horton of Gaia's Company is offering an extra night of his current cabaret tour of songs, sketches and curiosity.  Transition Town Tooting is delighted to support Gaia the Cabaret at the Wheatsheaf in Tooting Bec next Tues 25th Oct at 8pm.  Come along!

Monday, 17 October 2011

"Common Knowledge: Drawing Tooting"

Sunny weather brought 15 local people, including several Transition Tooting friends, onto Tooting Common to join a Wandsworth Arts ‘Big Draw’ event on Saturday 15th Oct:
"Explore the hidden ecology of Tooting Common
with artist Jacques Nimki through drawing, talking and walking.”
We practiced 'measured drawing', collected leaves and seeds in paper boxes which we made on the spot, and tried drawing in tiny sketchbooks – no excuses for not having materials with us!

We looked at the Common through our own varied and personal experience of the space - including searching for stories in the apparently random paths we followed (Jacques calls them ‘desire lines’). We felt this drawing and observing both plants and social meaning should be continued - all part of valuing what makes Tooting special.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Foodival & Roots

More photos from Foodival now online - thank you Chuck!  Keep 'em coming if you have any good ones!
Meanwhile congratulations to Tim for the successful first run out of a Tooting currency at Foodival with our prototype pound, already known on the streets of south London as a "ROOT" (rather than a quid). Go to the ROOT'S NEW WEBSITE (fast work there Tim) - it's the destination of choice for anyone out there even vaguely intrigued by the idea of helping put the Root in Tooting.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Fun at Foodival!

It was a great afternoon at the Tooting Foodival with local fruit and veg turned into delicious Tooting dishes by local restaurants and purchased by the Tooting public using a prototype Tooting currency the Tooting Root, all in our local Tooting Market!  Thanks to all who helped out including restaurants Meze, Al Mirage, Lahore Karahi, Rick's Cafe, Pooja and Spice Village not to mention the fabulous Brick Box for hosting the event.  More details and photos on the Foodival pages soon.
Queuing for food, "Tooting Roots" in hand
"I've never seen it so packed round here"

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Countdown to Foodival

The Food Group are gearing up for Saturday's Foodival, this year taking place at Tooting Market, 21-23 Tooting High St.  All donations of fruit and veg to be magically transformed by local restuaurants into special low food mile Tooting dishes are very welcome.  There's a drop off at the Tooting Community Garden on Friday evening 4-7 pm and also a collection service.  Please see the Foodival page for full details.  We look forward to seeing you there!
To get involved, donate produce or ask a question please mail Giles

Friday, 9 September 2011

Monday, 8 August 2011

A weekend spent getting ecologically deep

I thought I’d take a few minutes to write a bit about a recent ecological/environmental conference I attended, which I found completely inspiring, energizing and life affirming.  If you’ve not come across Green & Away, it’s Europe’s only tented conference centre, with everything in the open air or under canvas.  Set in rolling fields outside Worcester, by the river Teme, I’d highly recommend it.  I took part in the Resurgence summer camp, and as well as several great speakers and workshops, found the experience of living outdoors for 4 days (including taking open air showers!) really lovely.  Satish Kumar, peace activist and ecological campaigner, ‘headlined’ and spoke of a trinity of ‘soil, soul and society’, which in essence I took to mean thinking of ecology as three inter-connected spheres which we must nurture as a whole if we're to find sustainable solutions to the challenges of climate change, inequality and the many other ills facing the world.  I was particularly interested in the ‘soul’ aspect, and the importance of connecting with our inner landscapes whilst moving away from a constant outer focus, for example on material possessions.

Friday, 22 July 2011

News from a Tooting front room near you!

Liz has been hosting a series of ‘Carbon Conversations’ meetings with neighbours in her front room: 

Our latest 'CC' is now taking a break for the summer, so I thought I'd take the opportunity for a quick update on how it's gone so far, since we started meeting once a week. In mid June a group of intrepid Tooting dwellers ventured up the hill into Furzedown, and we began by discussing :
'why on earth are we even having a conversation about carbon anyway?' 

And what do these 'tonnes' consist of, and what is 'carbon equivalent', and why should we bother when China builds a new coal power station every week? We all concluded that we did want to bother, and for me it felt good to be doing something positive.  
We had some fun thinking about what we'd say to the current prime minister about climate change if we got the chance; things like 'don't wait for other countries, just take a lead', 'be proud of the UK’s Climate Act - do more to promote it' and 'tackling inequality will help with climate change and vice versa, don't forget the multiple benefits to society'.

With thoughts racing through my mind we went on our way to ponder for a week before the next session. 

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Transition Conference Report - Charles

Two of us have just been to the annual Transition Network Conference in Liverpool

Each of the 200-plus participants probably had a unique experience of the 3 days. Much of the time was offered in chunks of options...

Exciting choices, because most of the parallel sessions looked tempting…but you needed to select just one!  What would you do:  choose a very popular one with 40 people signed up, or go for a topic with a smaller group of 5? And would you prefer to be meeting the same people, or new ones?

My choices took me to sessions on social justice, on community renewable energy, on health in cities, on a long evening walk with a forester in local woods and fields, and on Kids in Transition.  

Friday, 15 July 2011

Transition Conference Report - Lucy

‘The change in direction represented by the Transition movement is as profound as any intentional change experienced by a civilisation’.

I have been at the national Transition Town Conference in Liverpool for three days. An intense experience, characterised by almost constant conversation with 259 other ‘transitioners’ from all over the world and the UK. The conference was on the campus of Hope University near Chilwall Woods in the North East of the City.

The conference recognised that after 5 years of existence the Transition movement has a great deal to reflect on. The movement can begin to look back at the evidence of its impact with confidence.  With initiatives across the world putting ‘transition’ principles successfully into action, responding quickly as communities pulling together has shown how resilience really counts. This has been especially so in the stark contexts of national crises such as New Zealand’s earthquake and Rio’s floods.   When things are destabilised you have to be ready with new ways of doing things. 

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Tooting Community Garden

We have had an exciting few weeks at the Tooting Community Garden so here's a little update on recent activities. On 18th and 19th June we invited volunteers to come to the Big Dig. We certainly have some talented gardeners and knowledgeable people in Tooting. Sharing skills and knowledge was a feature of the weekend. We began by preparing the rectangular bed in the middle of the garden so we can grow some veggies. Although we are a bit late in the season we are confident we can grow some produce in time for the Tooting Foodival in September. A few weeks previously we had been prepared to dig by hand but the soil was so compact that when we were offered use of a rotivator (thanks to the lovely people at Share Community Garden!) we accepted. Following rotivation we marked out beds with concrete slabs we found in the garden. After preparing the soil a little more and adding some compost we were ready to plant.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Furzedown Low Carbon Zone

Transition Town Tooting is a partner in promoting the "Furzedown Low Carbon Zone", a new project that will help achieve the goal of an energy efficient, resilient Furzedown.  TTT has a stand at the Big Day Out and will co-host an inaugural meeting at the Furzedown Project, 91-93 Moyser Rd, SW16 6SJ on Monday 18th July, 7-9pm.  Further information will be posted soon!

Friday, 24 June 2011

Recycle Week June 20-26th

This has been Recycle Week and we were delighted to welcome Wandsworth Council's Recycling Team Sophie Chitty, at this week's TTT co-ordinating meeting. She writes about her visit hereelderflower cordial made from elderberry plants grown in Tooting

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Fancy a Tooting Carbon Conversation?

The next Carbon Conversation in Tooting starts next week on Monday 20th June.  Organiser Liz Darley says: "It should be fun and you should learn some new things!!"  
Carbon conversations are six meetings that explore how individuals and families can reduce their carbon footprint. Participants will find out how to make practical plans to reduce carbon consumption in areas such as home energy, travel, and food purchasing, as well as talking about their own personal visions and feelings on a low-carbon future in London.  Find out more details about how to join the conversation here.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Tooting Community Garden

The Tooting Community Garden is underway! We are now calling on volunteers to come and help turn our blank canvas into a beautiful, thriving garden. 
The land has been generously donated by Naseem, owner of Mushkil Asaan on Upper Tooting Road. If you have gardening skills and advice that you would like to share we would love to hear from you but most importantly we need willing hands and enthusiasm so if you have no experience in the garden then please don't let this stop you coming along. If you would like to join the Tooting garden mailing list then please email Abby on  On the left is version 1 of a possible plan for the garden drawn by George.

What could you add to this?  We need your help and ideas!    Get in touch with TTT to get involved.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

‘Seasonal Food and Seasonal Wellbeing’

Our monthly ‘First Tuesday’ meeting on 7th June met at Mushkil Aasaan - with many thanks for the use of the hall.
Belinda, Tim & Charles used games and discussion to explore some of the interrelated features of the food we buy and grow – its nutritional value, its availability locally-grown, its ‘carbon footprint’, its degree of government subsidy or supermarket ‘shelf shout’, and food’s relationship with our own wellbeing.
We shared some favourite seasonal recipes, local picnic locations, and ideas for outdoor cooking and eating. We looked at packaging and waste – and linked this to composting, and to the satisfaction of growing our own food.
 Some of our discussions in more detail:

Monday, 23 May 2011

BATCA Fun Day 2011

TTT will again be participating in this year's BATCA Fun Day held as in previous years at the Gatton School and St Augustine's church opposite in Broadwater Rd, Tooting.  More details to follow soon but here is the BATCA poster:

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Tooting Trashcatchers Carnival Shortlisted for Award

The Trashcatchers Carnival which took place last summer in Tooting is one of four finalists shortlisted for Climate Week's Best Event.
The Carnival was a vibrant and colourful event that used recycling as a metaphor to build a vision of a low-energy future for Tooting. It aimed to create beauty from rubbish, using story, art, science and celebration to tap into the collective ingenuity of local residents. Characters, sculptures, musical instruments, dance, performance, costumes and floats were all created using discarded materials such as plastic bags, bottles and boxes.

Produced by Transition Town Tooting in partnership with Phakama and Emergency Exit Arts, the Carnival was one of the most significant community events to take place in the Borough of Wandsworth in 2010 and had the support and participation of numerous schools, community groups and local organisations.

The community of Port Adelaide in Australia have been so inspired by this event that Transition Town Tooting and Phakama will be working with their local transition, waste, education, arts and environmental groups (by skype, facebook and social media) to connect up the two communities through the 'Trashcatching'  concept of public celebration. 

Climate Week is a national occasion that offers an annual renewal of our ambition and confidence to combat climate change. It is supported by every part of society – from the Prime Minister to Paul  McCartney, Vivienne Westwood to Manchester United, the CBI to Girlguiding UK. Its commercial partners are Tesco, Aviva, EDF  Energy, Kellogg's and RBS.
"We are delighted to have been shortlisted for the Climate Week Best Event Award. The Trashcatchers Carnival was an inspirational project that enabled us to reimagine our relationship with our earth. We want to dedicate this to every single Trashcatchers Carnavalista and to the whole community of Tooting".
Fabio Santos. Director of Phakama
and Lucy Neal. Co-Chair of Transition Town Tooting  
The winner will be selected by a judging panel which includes Lord Nicholas Stern,  Met Office Chief Scientist Julia Slingo, environmentalist Tony Juniper, author Ian McEwan and Arnold Schwarzenegger's climate  advisor, Terry Tamminen. It will be announced on 21st March at the official Climate Week launch  event at Lancaster House in Central London where the keynote speaker is Chris Huhne MP,  Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change. 

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

April 5th Food Event - Call for Tooting Photos!

With Spring fast approaching TTTs Food Group have been busily preparing for the new growing season! to celebrate this the Food Group are having a community food and growing event on Tuesday the 5th of April at Mushkil Assann on Upper Tooting Road between 7 and 9pm. For the event we need lots and lots of photos of Tooting -both the space that's wasted as well as the space that is used in fantastic and innovative ways. If you'd like to submit some pics for the event, please email all JPEGS to
More details to follow and see you on the day!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Ecobuild Trip

This year's Ecobuild was bigger and better than ever before, mixing lots of high tech, next generation eco products with useful demonstrations and lectures from leading thinkers such as Richard Heinberg and Susan Greenfield.

Several members of TTT went along and were impressed by the range of innovative building  products that were on show. Such as; insulation boards made out of straw, carpet tiles made from recycled carpets, a solar water heating system that works 24 hours a day, night or day, or OLED lighting that can revolutionise the way we think about colour, interior design and lighting in our homes and buildings.

It was all very exciting stuff, and gave us an insight as to what it could be like in our homes in the future.         Malsara

Monday, 7 March 2011

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Have a go at your creating your own plan for the UK to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050.

Transition Town Tooting – along with lots of other local groups, businesses and NGOs – were invited to a consultation event last Friday run by DECC where they unveiled The 2050 Pathways Analysis.  Described as ‘an online framework through which to consider some of the choices and trade-offs we will have to make over the next forty years. It is system-wide, covering all parts of the economy and all greenhouse gases emissions released in the UK. It is rooted in scientific and engineering realities, looking at what is thought to be physically and technically possible in each sector.’

Giles and Hilary shared some interesting, and heated, discussions as we joined groups thrashing out various options for our future.  The tool allows you to test out scenarios relating to energy usage and production whilst seeing the immediate outcome of your actions on a graph of predicted CO2 emissions.  There is also a huge amount of background information provided to all your ‘decisions’ if you take the time to investigate. 

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Brilliant Books!

Jeni and Jane organised a great Book event this evening!  Charlotte and Bruce told us about books they love, while Doug from My Back Pages, one of the only independent bookshops in south London, talked knowledgeably about writers and books with local connections, before setting us all a really hard quiz!  The evening continued with "Speed-booking" - where we had one minute to impress our "dates" by explaining our love for a book we had brought along.  Meanwhile Libby taught paper making from recycled shredded paper
(see a couple of dodgy first efforts above!).  And don't forget World Book Night on Saturday!  A full list of books discussed and recommended at this evening's event follows:

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Do we want a Biofuel Plant in Wandsworth?

A local campaign to stop a 10MW biofuel energy plant being built as part of the proposed Battersea Power Station redevelopment is gaining momentum.  Andrea Speranza of biofuelswatch gave some reasons why the plant will not be a good thing for Wandsworth residents. She told us that biofuel production:
  1. Leads to an increase world food price rises. 
  2. Causes the release of more greenhouse gases through land conversion and chemical fertiliser use than fossil fuels.
  3. Effects local air quality by burning vegetable oil which emits nitrogen oxides and small particulates linked to asthma, bronchitis and heart problems. (NB: In 2010, a similar sized biofuel power station was refused planning permission by London Borough of Ealing because it produced too much air pollution.)
  4. Leads to people being thrown off their land and suffering human rights abuses in the Global South
  5. Will mean heavier traffic in Wandsworth due to fuel tanker deliveries
What do Tooting residents think?  Is this really what we want on our doorstep? You can express your opinion on the proposed biofuels plant to Wandsworth Council via planning application 2009/3575 or mail for more info.  DT

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Eco Build 2011

With less than two weeks to go for this years Eco Build 2011, TTT are gearing up for a fascinating day out the event on 2nd March.
If you are interested in learning about energy efficiency in buildings, understanding the benefits of the Feed in Tariff, seeing live demonstrations on solid wall refurbishment, modern glazing solutions, existing loft insulation and finding out about the latest technology in harnessing solar energy, energy efficient lighting, urban planting, bee keeping plus much much more, then come and sign up for your FREE pass at

Personally, I am looking forward to seeing the seminar on Freecycling and a complete interior makeover for £0.00  This could give me some solutions for my Victorian refurb.

The event runs from 1-3 March 2011. If you are interested in joining a group going for the event on the 2nd March, we will be meeting at 10.00am by the ticket barriers at Tooting Bec Northern Line tube station. Please let us know by email if you would like to join us for this really inspiring event.

Hope to see you there - Malsara

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Problem or Predicament?

Another interesting and well-attended First Tuesday event this evening at Mushkil Aasaan in Tooting was spent watching Chris Martenson's UK Crash Course; a link to the youtube video is below for those of you who missed it.  And there's more on Chris's website.  One thing he explained was the difference between a problem (which can be solved) and a predicament (which can only be suffered).
Do we want to wait until peak oil driven Energy shortages,the fallacy of an ever growing Economy and a resource depleted and changing Environment crunch us?  Or do we want to do something different?  Do we want a future shaped by disaster or design? Needless to say there was plenty of discussion afterwards.

Monday, 7 February 2011

TTT's Giles star of Sunday Times article

.... you can spot him up the ladder in the photo...

Friday, 4 February 2011

Carbon Conversations

Is our future worth a conversation?
Would you like to reduce your carbon footprint?
Would you like to take some practical steps on climate change?
You are invited to take part in Carbon Conversations:
a course of meetings starting soon in Tooting
8-10 participants will meet as a group to explore climate change in a different way, focusing on values, feelings and lifestyle as well as kick-starting practical action to reduce carbon consumption in the home and community 

Ø  Each two-hour session is supported by facilitators to build on the experience and interests of the participants: you do not need to feel you are an ‘expert’ to take part 
Ø  Following a proven and well-designed structure, you will meet other people interested in creating a low-carbon future, and explorekey areas of your own carbon footprint including home energy, transport and travel, food, consumption and waste
Ø  We will emphasise participation in the informal sessions – we won’t be giving lectures. You will share ideas, use the Carbon Conversations workbook, play some instructive and enjoyable games, identify tools and tips that will support you, and create personal plans that will reduce your carbon impact

Ø  After the completion of the workshops you can choose to receive training on facilitating the course, and support other Carbon Conversations groups yourself

The course will be facilitated by members of Transition Town Tooting. Course materials and design have been developed by Cambridge Carbon Footprint

Meetings will take place on Monday evenings from 7-9pm. We will start the course of five meetings on Monday 28th February 2011, continuing on March 7th, March 14th & March 21st. The fifth meeting will be held on a date in May to be agreed with participants, getting together again after time taking action on individuals’ plans.  

We will provide the facilitation and administration, and ask for a voluntary fee of £10 per person to cover the cost of the Carbon Conversations workbook

Easily accessible, in Tooting - to be confirmed  

Please email Charles at to join, express an interest, or ask any questions, and we will be in contact

Carbon Conversations is one of the Guardian’s ‘Top 20 solutions to climate change’

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Cold Water Swimming & Cycle Powered Cinema

A few pictures from the recent UK Cold Water Swimming Championships where TTT ran a cycle powered cinema.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Walking: Mind How You Go

"I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out I found was really going in."  John Muir

A very interesting Walking event was held on Jan 11th at Mushkil Aasaan, led by Belinda & Lucy, and featuring a variety of words of wisdom from Battersea Arts Centre Producer Lynn Goh, local GP Tom Coffey and Susie Morrow of Wandsworth Cycling Campaign.  Belinda recommended walking meditations such as those in this book, Lynn told us about a silent walking project she'd run, Tom talked about walking and health, (Walk4Life guided walks are a Wandsworth Council initiative), while Susie recommends The Energy Glut for a good read. 
Several people had brought photos of five places on their own Tooting walks which we hope to develop into a walking map.  Can you identify my inspirational Tooting places above?!  Please send us your five photos. DT

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Artistic Regeneration in Tooting

After a really fantastic Mind How You Go Walking event last night (write-up coming shortly), which encouraged us to draw breath, take time, notice and listen to the sounds around and within, and of course in the wake of the epic Trashcatcher's Carnival of 2010, TTT's attention is drawn to further seeds of creative renewal in Tooting. Once packed with cinemas, but recently lacking any creative public space, Tooting has two exciting new artistic ventures taking flight this week.

Tooting Market Project to be found at Unit 32 in the market for the next 3 months launches on Friday 14th at 4.30 p.m.  Local artists are joining forces with Tooting Market to regenerate some of the empty space into a thriving art gallery and studio between January & March 2011, creating an innovative “Heritage Wall” with the immediate community of stall holders and market users and facilitating the wider community in arts and heritage workshops.  More on facebook here

Tooting Arts Club, meanwhile, launches on Saturday 15th with a party at Tooting Bec's revamped Wheatsheaf (promising a bill including both Sadiq Khan and Arthur Smith - a new double act?) and states its aim to "produce plays both old and new, in various venues in Tooting" which sounds great!  A debut play "Invasion" will run at the Selkirk from 1st to 19th February.

What next?  Not the return of Tooting cinema, surely?  DT