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Friday, 30 April 2010

A Canopy Under Which We Grow - TTT's Sara reflects on her recent travels

TTT's Sara has been away from us since last year studying permaculture in Sweden and India.  She has sent us some fascinating reflections on her experiences....

I have since the middle of October been living amongst poor farmers in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The reasons I'm here are many, and the things I've learned so far even more. It was difficult to believe, when the chaos that is India hit me in the face, that I'd be able to decipher anything and learn more than a few valuable lessons.
As a former resident of Tooting I started my journey with plenty of "ahaa"s, and one time I even met a man who used to live in my beloved borough. It was as far away from the hustle and bustle of London it could be, in an idyllic village with thatched coconut rooves and outdoor kitchens. It made me wonder how many people in Tooting and the rest of the world long to be back here, back home but are having to work and earn the remittance that outsizes aid money many times over...

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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Sand, Trash, Events, Well-being etc

Here we are greedily consuming the world's resources (thanks to the artists at Portugal's Fiesa festival for this great sand sculpture).  Will our political parties do something about it?  Attend the hustings and ask the local Tooting candidates before deciding where to mark your big X next Thursday.  BATCA have organised hustings tomorrow at St Anselms Church from 8pm.

Thanks to Malsara and Garry for the Trashcatching workshop photos already posted on the Trashcatchers site.  More to come. 

Meanwhile again tomorrow (Weds 28th) meet other local people concerned about plans by Lambeth Council & Tescos to put a temporary ice rink on common land.  Surely they can do better than this for our near neighbours in Streatham?

Don't forget we have a great First Tuesday Well-being Event "What's Good For The Climate Is Good For Health" coming up with Jenny Griffiths OBE, independent consultant and author of the Faculty of Public Health's publication Sustaining a Healthy Future on May 4th.  All welcome, it's free and open to all - full details here

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Kites & Carnivals

A great day was enjoyed by many just a mile down the road at the 12th Streatham Common Kite Day a few days back.  Check out the massive kites!  Some inspiration for the Trashcatchers' Carnival maybe?  
Meanwhile the next Carnival workshop awaits this Sunday at 11 (EMAIL us if you want to be part of the action - plenty of creative things to get involved in) followed by the Jam 'N Beets night at the Bedford co-hosted with TT Wandsworth. 

Thursday, 8 April 2010

First Tuesday Food & Seed Swap

Tuesday's food and seed swap event attracted a good crowd and provoked a wide range of food growing discussion. Giles Read reviewed TTT's past Foodivals, talked about plans for Foodival 2010, showed a film and gave away a collection of tools refurbished by inmates at Wandsworth Prison.

The Tools Shed project takes broken tools collected at Neal's Nurseries, a garden centre opposite the prison, and elsewhere, which are then given a new lease of life and returned for use in schools and community gardens.  The project helps prisoners' rehabilitation and also teaches them new skills. 

We also heard about urban growing from Toni Scott of Food Up Front before thronging around the seed swap table to pick up some interesting new seeds to try out.  This correspondent has already planted Borletto and French beans courtesy of Springfields Hospital SHARE garden project.  Thanks to everyone who brought seeds and plants, to Bob Winter at Tools Shed for the tools, which were quickly snapped up, and to Peter at Neal's Nurseries for his discount offer.

The next "First Tuesday" on May 4th will be a Well-being Event with Jenny Griffiths as guest speaker.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

SEED SWAP! - A Call For All Things Seedy!!

Just a quick reminder about next Tuesday's Food Event and Seed Swap.
After looking at last year's Foodival there'll be a short film on the "Story of Food" and how you can grow for this Autumn's festival.

To get everyone kick started there will be some FREE tools to give away and also a Seed Swap at the end of the night.

I'm bringing half a pack of carrots and half a packet of tomatoes as I've not got enough pots to use all the seeds - anyone got any radish seeds I could swap??

Any seeds you have, either full packs or just lone seeds would be ace for the swap - I just hope we don't wind up with a hundred packs of brussels sprouts.... ;)

Have an amazing Easter and see you there!