Making Change in How We Live, Where We Live, in Light of Climate Change (FOR TWELVE YEARS!)

Thursday, 23 December 2010


Tues Jan 11th 7-9pm. Mushkil Aasaan, 220-222 Upper Tooting Road.

TTT’s first step in 2011 will be a confident one.  

We look at well-being and start with WALKING! Join us for an evening to celebrate this most human of activities and the manifold benefits it brings to our physical and mental well-being.

To celebrate our local area, we will create ‘mini walking maps’ that may develop into official Tooting Walking Maps. We would like you to try this activity out, and bring your 5 most relevant photographs along to on January 11th.

Do you make time for yourself to slow down and nurture calmness? 

Here is a creative opportunity to connect with yourself, the environment and others and increase your physical activity in a way that is good for your wellbeing!
By practising the art of stopping, we can enter the present moment and be nourished by the beauty and wonder of life in and around us.

Instructions for Photo Walk:

Confronting Change - London Transition at the South Bank Centre

News from the Confronting Change event at the South Bank Centre last week organised by Transition Finsbury Park.  

The event was a sell-out, and proved to be an inspirational coming together of London Transition initiatives, under the title “Confronting Change”.  Polly Higgins, a barrister and author of ‘Eradicating Ecocide’ was the host - she recently returned from the COP16 negotiations at Cancun and talked about what had happened there- followed by presentations from Rob Hopkins and Michael Meacher MP.  Read a great write up by Rob Hopkins on his blog here

There was a fantastic outcome to the evening - Polly Higgins and a team of lawyers already working on a Transition Enabling Act!  Find out more and have your input on the Transition Network site here.

Photos from the winter making and social

We had a fantastic time at the winter making and social - we learnt make pomanders from oranges, juggling balls from socks, wallets from fruit juice cartons, decorations from discarded plastic and cards from scrap paper.  We made a HUGE bowl of mincemeat which found its way into mince pies across Tooting.  Some of us even learnt how to knit.  Here are some lovely pics of the event...

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Winter Social & Making Event

On Tuesday 7th Dec there will be an opportunity to catch up and socialise at the Winter Social & Making evening.  Experts will be on hand to assist you in creating beautiful festive decorations and unique gifts from recycled materials.  Learn how to make greetings cards (bring old cards or pictures), wallets & purses (bring tetrapak!), juggling balls (bring old socks!), pomanders, bags & flip-flops (bring an old pair of jeans) and mincemeat!  You can even have a go at knitting!  

Why trek round your local globalised shopping experience when you could make your own Christmas presents?!  See above some of the fab potato printed bags, for example, fashioned under the guidance of Ken McCalla at this year's Foodival

Bring food or drink to share – mulled wine and soft drinks will be provided at the Christian Education Centre, 21 Tooting Bec Rd. See you there!