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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Community Garden

The TTT Community Garden looked a hive of industry when I dropped by this lunchtime.  As a result of our intrepid garden volunteers' efforts lots of lovely-looking vegetables are ripening or already ready to harvest.  Here we have potatoes, tomatoes, radishes and even wheat; could a Tooting loaf soon be a possibility?
There should be loads ready for September's Foodival in only 4 weeks time.  What amazing local dishes await us I wonder?  Can't wait.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Foodival 2012

This year's Foodival takes place over the weekend of the 22nd & 23rd September.  As in previous years we hope all you local gardeners and food growers have been as busy as this bee and will be able to donate any surplus produce you can spare.  Local chefs and restaurants will use your hard won local produce to cook up delicious local food. Watch the  Foodival site for full details over the coming weeks.

Saturday 22nd - Food collection & Pop-up cookery demo at Mushkil Aasaan 11-4pm

Sunday 23rd - Local food from local restaurants, exciting stalls, live music & competitions at Tooting Market 12-4pm

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sunday Lunch in 3 steps

Much too hot this weekend for a complex posting from us!
Just in case anyone doubts the pleasure to be found in growing urban food: here's three easy steps from the ground to the bowl today:

These Desiree maincrop potatoes were planted during Treasuring Tooting in May, and this weekend they were calling out to be tested.
Come along the Tooting Foodival on 22 & 23 September to try them!

Two...ready to cook
Three... add nasturtium: enjoy
Plus: all welcome to come and join in at the Community Garden on Sundays 11:00-1:00. It's behind the large house at 5 North Drive, on the south side of Tooting Common.
Email Adrian at for any more info.
- Charles