Making Change in How We Live, Where We Live, in Light of Climate Change (FOR TWELVE YEARS!)

Friday, 31 March 2017

Our tenth series of Carbon Conversations postponed to start on 20th April

TTT's tenth series of local Carbon Conversations is going to start on Thursday April 20th
We promise you will enjoy and also find a lot of practical value in this exploration of your own 'low-carbon living' choices and opportunities. 

The outcome of the series is an action plan for reducing your own carbon footprint by understanding the impact of what's in your own control - home energy, travel, food and purchases.

An active game about the carbon footprint of food
You'll find it friendly, fun & surprising
- and there's just two places left!

For all the details, please click here.
And for our recent blog post (including the new dates) - click here.
Don't hesitate to get in touch with Ben at even if you can't make every date over the series of 6 meetings. 
We look forward to seeing you!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Apply for a role at Transition Town Tooting!

Join an evolving and collaborative team making change in how we live, where we live, in light of climate change. 

There’s a spirit of celebration and creativity in everything we do, be it south London’s biggest sustainable food festival, urban growing in the community garden, carbon reduction workshops, restart parties or neighbourhood planning. 

We open up spaces for local people to connect with each other, imagine possibilities and make positive changes for the community and the environment.

Want to get involved?

Join in as a volunteer, join the Core Group who coordinate projects, or apply to become Co-Chair or Co-Treasurer and help shape and re-imagine our activities and impact over the next two years.  You’ll be joining a great team.

Read on for more information about the Co-Chair and Co-Treasurer roles.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Rewilding in Tooting - a new storytelling event to explore environmental thinking with children

Children from 5 to 8 years old and accompanying adults are welcome to join this new event which explores rewilding and environmental thinking in a fascinating and participative way - right here in Tooting on Saturday 8th April.

All welcome to come and explore our themes:
Play - Learn - Dream 

We're thrilled that Andres Restrepo and Emily Duizend are running this imaginative free event based in the Tooting Community Garden.


We hope you're intrigued and want to join us on the first weekend of the Easter holidays. Adults welcome if accompanying children, and together we'll be look at nature, use our senses and imaginations, focus on what's special about our surroundings, appreciate Tooting as a place - all from angles that may be new to us.

When? Saturday 8th April, from 11:00 to 1:00. And it's free
Where? Tooting Community Garden, 5 North Drive SW16 1RN
For who? Children aged 5 to 8 years old
Details? Children need to be accompanied by an adult
Flyer? Click here for a copy of the flyer
How to book? Contact Andres by email to book and for more details

We want to inspire children and adults to 
explore how the outdoors can be experienced right here in the city

All welcome on Saturday 8th April - please book in and we'll see you there!

Friday, 17 March 2017

Restart and Sewstart - fixing and mending on Saturday 1st April

Do you have electrical or electronic items that you don’t want to throw away?

Or a sewing machine that is broken or you’re not sure how to use? 

Have a favourite piece of clothing that needs mending or altering and you’d like to learn how?

Or simply good at fixing and mending stuff?

Maybe you just fancy a cup of tea, a piece of cake and a chance to find out more about Transition Tooting and what we get up to?

Come and join our next fixing and mending workshop on 

Sat 1st April - 2.00 - 5.00pm

Mushkil Aasaan, 220 - 222 Upper Tooting Road, SW17 7EW (next to Nando’s)    

If you can't make it in April put these dates in your diary for future events...
Wed 19th July -   6.30 - 9.00pm
Sat 21st October - 2.00 - 5.00pm
(Restart Parties are a community self-repair space where you take responsibility for your own gadgets and data, so please don’t forget to take any back-ups beforehand, if relevant – and if possible arrive during the first two hours to allow time for fixing!   More info about Restart including details of regular skillshares at www,

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Design Workshops for Pollinator Paths Wandsworth project went well - thanks to all!

Twenty people joined in this partnership project's Design Workshops held on 10 & 11 March: connecting, analysing, sharing, debating.

We did just what we needed to do. We were a mixed group of experts, the interested and novices navigating explanations, challenges, concentration, humour and insights:

We analysed the diverse settings that local gardeners are using - from back gardens to paved patios to balconies.

We explored the potential benefits to pollinators
"Would the planting make a difference to individual targeted species or should we focus on a broad group of pollinators?"

We shared our own knowledge and experience about the pollinating plants to select for the different settings - and we found new resources too.

We met new colleagues and connected across the borough  "I never knew there were so many other people locally who are interested in the same things as me..."

We looked forward at the shape of the project, and some new opportunities - for example "shall we include making the planting containers using re-purposed materials?"

We finished the second workshop feeling optimistic together about the project, with plenty of homework from the 2 afternoons and much to plan.

Thanks to all including the visiting experts, plus Lizzy and Hannah from London Sustainability Forum for facilitating.

The next formal event is the distribution of plants in May at the hub gardens - accompanied by creative and fun activities as part of the Wandsworth Fringe.
Before then we will be reaching out to find gardeners who want to take part. Please email us anytime if you would like to join in.

All welcome to join the Pollinator Paths Wandsworth Facebook page for info and updates.
Or email Charles at TTT to get involved.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Pollinator Paths Wandsworth - Design Workshops Friday 10th & Saturday 11th March

Are you looking forward to gardening for wildlife in 2017?
We recently announced the exciting new Pollinator Paths Wandsworth project, and we've been posting updates on Facebook and tweeting.

The next step is to run the two free Design Workshops this week  One this Friday, one on Saturday. This is where the discussion will take place about what insects the project will aim to benefit, and therefore what plants to recommend to encourage them. And more about plant habitats and microclimates.

The workshops are not identical - there will be a flow over the two days, and they will also work as stand-alone events. All welcome!

Once 'beneficiary bugs' (actually, probably moths and a bee species) and forage plants are agreed, then the later process of enlisting local people to grow them on and observe can start. Plant distribution will be May 21st in the Tooting Community Garden (and at other local gardens on other weekends). We hope that lots of novice and expert gardeners will to be involved over the summer! 

Here's the flyer including info with the Design Workshops at the top:

Tooting Workshop timings and location:
2:00 - 5:00 pm on Friday 10th March at Mushkil Aasaan, 222 Upper Tooting Road SW17 7EW

Wandsworth Workshop timings and location:
2:00 - 5:00 on Saturday 11th March at Penfold Centre, Neville Gill Close, Wandsworth SW18 4TJ

And the poster for the whole project:

We look forward to seeing you at the design workshops - let us know if you are coming by signing up here.  

All welcome!