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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

We Have A Shop

which sells nothing but offers much. Photos below and read Lucy's Shop Diary to find out more.  Better still come down and discover for yourself at 68 Upper Tooting Rd, 10am-6pm till Sunday only! This link has full details of all the events.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Pictures and video of the Treasuring Tooting wellbeing walk

Video of the day

3 dozen photos from the Treasuring Tooting walk in slideshow format - enjoy!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Treasuring Tooting walk was a success - and now the Transition Shop is open for another week

On Saturday the 12th May we led our local wellbeing walk through Tooting and found a huge range of Treasure - the people we met (walkers who did some or all of the route, and the hosts at the venues), the surprising places we went, the conversations we shared, the stories we heard, the food and drink we were offered. The bee flew in the sun...

We finished the walk at the Tooting Transition Shop, which is now open all day and every day through until Sunday 20th May (at 68 Upper Tooting Road, between The King's Head and Tooting Bec tube station). At the celebration we did smash the bee piñata as promised - led by the Mayor of Wandsworth, Jane Cooper. Sadiq Khan MP had a bash too...then a group of children, and the artists who made the bee....until all the honeycomb treasure inside was found.

Much more to share about the Walk and about everyone's experiences in the Shop - on Monday a primary school class visited....maybe when you come and explore, you may have it to yourself, or maybe you will meet some new Tooting friends....

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Walk & The Shop

There is such a lot of Transition in Tooting over the next 10 days!

On Saturday (12th May) we hope as many as possible will be "Treasuring Tooting" by joining our wellbeing walk which will visit 12 different places in Tooting.  There will be a wide variety of activities and experiences across locations as diverse as the Bingo Hall, the Islamic Centre and the Community Garden.  Click here for the full plan for the day to see how you can join in!  And here for the Map.

The final destination for the Walk will be the very exciting Tooting Transition Shop at 68 Upper Tooting Rd (formerly Xclusive Tiles & Bathrooms).  The Shop will be open every day between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. from Saturday until Sunday 20th May as part of the Wandsworth Arts Festival.

Come and find out why this Shop has nothing for sale.  Come not to buy but to meet people, exchange stories, ideas, skills and food.

The bee piñata is taking shape

Preparing for her role in Saturday's Treasuring Tooting wellbeing walk, the bee piñata is....

stretching her legs

sharpening her sting

looking for pollen

On Saturday May 12th the bee will be fully decorated, and fly through Tooting - come and join the piñata at any of the twelve locations linked together in the Treasuring Tooting walk.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Explore and celebrate happiness and wellbeing in Tooting from the 12th-20th May

From the 12th to 20th May, Transition Town Tooting invites you to join with us to explore the keys to happiness and wellbeing, as part of our year-long celebration of what helps us lead happier and more satisfied lives. After all our preparation - we are nearly there!

Starting on Saturday 12th:

Treasuring Tooting / Treasure in Tooting
Saturday 12th May - all day from 7.30am
A day-long interactive celebration of local wellbeing in Tooting

From the open waters of Tooting Bec Lido at 730am, we will travel through twelve different destinations in Tooting - including the quiet hush of the Library; the grandeur of the Bingo Hall; craft making in the Tram and Social; a visit the Dawah Souk at Mushkil Aasaan; and sharing refreshments at the Sikh Khalsa Centre.
At each stop on the walk one of the 12 ‘keys’ to wellbeing will be experienced and celebrated.
Please see the lovely map for times and venues and do feel free to join the walk at any point on our journey! Here is a preview of the map (or see this link to read and download):

For more details of the Walk route timings, venues and meeting points, click here.

A giant bee piñata, made by local artists and residents, will be carried along the route. At the walk's final destination, from 415pm on, this will be smashed in the traditional manner of piñatas with who knows what goodies on offer.

The destination of Treasuring Tooting will be the
Tooting Transition Shop
68 Upper Tooting Road, SW17 7PB (Xclusive Tiles & Bathrooms)
Opening 5pm Saturday 12th May and running 10am until 6pm until - and including - Sunday 20th May

Continuing on from the 12th May, for nine days only TTT takes over an empty shop on Upper Tooting Road to bring together all the energies of TTT into one place and invite people in Tooting to take part in re-imagining our world.  
As part of Wandsworth Arts Festival we've teamed up with renowned participatory artists Encounters to create The Tooting Transition Shop - a shop where nothing is for sale but all are welcome to exchange stories, ideas, skills and food.
Add your most memorable moments to the Tooting map, top up your fill of wellbeing, sow seeds of hope for the future, hand-make a souvenir of Tooting, and find out when the Tooting bees are coming...  
Over the 9 days, watch the shop shelves fill with the stories, creations and visions of people in Tooting.

Please see the Shop flyer below (or see this link to read and download):

We look forward to welcoming you to join in with Treasuring Tooting and the Tooting Transition Shop! 

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Making Tooting Happy!

This First Tuesday event was about wellbeing.  Belinda and Hilary talked about events that are being offered locally this year, including The Treasuring Tooting walk and pop-up kindness activities being run throughout Tooting.
Conversations among the group identified that satisfying our basic needs such as safety and a home were essential; including having comfortable things that made us feel safe such as a warm blanket, a favourite old teddy. This was closely followed by having time to spend reflecting, relationships and connecting with others. A few risky sports were also cited as they brought joy and elation!

An interesting discussion ensued about money and wealth, with a reflection that yes, these things have been important to our own happiness at one time in our lives, and also that other interests - such as gardening, or creativity, or connection with nature  - had taken over the role of making us happy. We acknowledged the need to build in more social connections (and hugging!) to help us thrive in our lives.
On the subject of connecting, Jane very kindly shared the inspirational and touching journey she has made through her project recycling bottle tops project and her work at Age Concern, which encapsulated the idea of happiness via connection. See a fuller account of Jane's story, written to accompany TTT’s exhibition at the Pump House Gallery in Battersea Park on April 22nd.

Finally, we played the ‘diy happiness game’ which led to offering a compliment, committing to speak to our neighbours and identifying things we appreciate in ourselves.

Belinda has written a further page with more detail about wellbeing: please click here.