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Friday, 29 June 2012

Smartphone video reporting - taster training next Tuesday 3rd July 2012

Ever fancied bypassing conventional media to talk directly to your own community and others all over the world? 
Here's your chance to learn how!
This practical workshop has been developed by Mark Barto from visionOntv, and Patrick Chalmers, authour of Fraudcast News.

Participants will learn to make short video reports for instant uploading to the web.

Please come along - and bring a friend plus their smartphone if you don't have your own phone!

The workshop will be held at Mushkil Aasaan, 222 Upper Tooting Road, SW17, from 7-9pm. For details on booking, and on the types of phone that can be used, click here

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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Two recent local low-carbon living events

Carbon Conversations
On Monday evening 25th June, we started our latest series of Carbon Conversations workshops with a talkative and diverse group. We will cover a lot - in particular focusing on what can be achieved at the individual, family and community levels.

What are some of the participants' reasons for joining? Responses included: 'we've just moved - would like guidance on reducing carbon & energy use in our new home'; 'I feel guilty that my footprint is too big'; 'I'm concerned about the carbon impact of computer network servers'; 'I'd like to know more about the financial aspects of reducing carbon'; 'What grass-roots actions we can take?'

Last evening we explored some of language & jargon of talking about 'carbon' as a shorthand for the impact of greenhouse gases, linked with energy use, cost saving, health, happiness, quality of life, and nature. Secondly we looked specifically at the numbers and relationships in measuring one's carbon footprint: a valuable place to start.
More to come!
PS: thanks to Sophie at WBC for the Carbon Conversations shout-out at

Furzedown Low Carbon Zone (the 'FLCZ')
At the Furzedown Festival's Big Day Out on 23rd June, the FLCZ celebrated our first year of activities by having a pop-up AGM that ran through the afternoon, with any one who came to our stand. We had some great conversations with local people who would like to be involved - thank you. Please click here to read our short Annual Report, and please comment on our plans.

We ran some games too - including the food chain game, in which players rank foods from high to low carbon impact, by lining up large-scale painted boxes from the market.
Have a look below at some of the ways it was played....and come and try it sometime.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Rio+20: What if we got the future we want?

On the evening of Wednesday 20th June a group in Tooting met to join in with the UK-wide Festival of Transition's 24 Hours of Possibility. See
Why go to Rio when you can come to Tooting?
For half the time we were catching up with the past and present.
We had a lot of discussion, clarification and questioning based on hearing a BBC World Service programme on the run-up to Rio+20. 
( )
We explored the roles and representation at these summits - leaders, negotiators, lobbyists and NGOs, and 'the people': what is the quality of the exchanges and contacts?
Then we did travel to our desired future, in groups, choosing a future role and an issue that we envisioned and then acted out to the rest of the group. A future family talked about new habits in purchasing and consumption... the local council proudly described to a journalist their achievements with energy (yes, the wool from the sheep on Tooting Common is being used as insulation in 2032)...a local shopkeeper showed off seasonal and local stock, and a customer went away with potatoes when they were looking for mangoes...

It was great to see how much was covered and shared in a short time - when you are involved and listening.

Thanks to all who came along to explore Tooting's future now!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Carbon Conversations this June & July

We're starting a new series of fun and participative Carbon Conversations workshops on Monday June 25th at The Selkirk, Selkirk Rd, Tooting Broadway, from 630-830 pm, and continuing on the following three Mondays. Please click here for the detailed flyer.
We'll explore values, behaviours and feelings, and we will 'count the carbon' in our daily lives, so we can reduce our impact in 4 main areas: home energy, food, travel and transport, and consumption.

You don't need to be an expert: all welcome to join the workshops! 
To join or ask any questions, please email us at

Monday, 4 June 2012

Transition Town Tooting hold regular planning meetings - all are welcome. Here are the pictorial notes from our last meeting on the 15th May. 
Notes drawn by Jeni Walker - inspired by Alice Maggs. Click to enlarge.