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Saturday, 28 September 2013

We grew all this!

Thanks to all the fabulous donors at Foodival earlier today! Can you recognise anyone below? Come and try local food cooked up by a wide variety of Tootingites on Sunday at Tooting Market as Foodival continues.

Here's an eyewitness report of today's action:

Saturday night and it’s ‘half time’ in the weekend Tooting Foodival.
In the first half:
  • We’ve had a brilliant day of walk-in fruit and vegetable donations today: thanks so much to everyone. These ranged from the traditional to the unexpected – all fabulous. From cabbages, kale, carrots and mighty Tooting-grown south Asian curry leaves, outdoor dessert grapes from Balham and Pink Fir Apple potatoes grown by Gatton School.
  • And much more….some grown in allotments; some in backyards; some in pots on a fifth floor balcony above Clapham South.
  • We enjoyed cooking and food preparation demonstrations: squash soup, and later penne pasta with beetroot from Volker; freshly-cooked dosas by Mango Palace; mackerel filleted before our eyes by Rick from Rick’s Restaurant and prepared raw or lightly cooked. All tasting fresh and delicious, and the recipes will be online soon.      
  • Visitors talked about healthy eating and diet with Morgan and her colleagues, did some drawing with Jeni, played our Community Garden Seed Game, signed up for the TTT email list – and chatted with each other about all their impressions of the day.  
  • Thanks to all today’s volunteers who helped create such a good atmosphere – and as ever to Mushkil Aasaan for supporting us by providing the premises.
Tonight and tomorrow morning it’s time for team talks and strategy.
  • The local restaurant chefs and home cooks involved are preparing their dishes – many of them using ingredients collected today.
  • The distinguished judges in the ‘Top Tooting Cook’ informal competition are studying the criteria for tomorrow’s analysis and taste-off.
All welcome tomorrow for the action-packed second half.
  • We move to the Sunday venue Tooting Market, starting from 12:00. Top Tooting Cook judging is between 1:00 and 1:30 (with the results announced at 3:00). Visitors can sample local produce prepared by all the participating restaurants: all the details in the blog post below.
  • There’ll be plenty of varied dishes, plus music and comedy, until the referee’s whistle closes the 6th Tooting Foodival at 4:00.

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