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Sunday, 19 October 2014

fanSHEN Tooting Walks

Theatre group fanSHEN took centre stage at this year's Foodival with their anarchic performance of the Applecart, which engaged young, medium and old alike.  They also sent at least 50 interested visitors around the local area on a guided Tooting Walk.  Two walks have been recorded and anyone can try them out: one a half hour loop from Samaj Hall and the other from Tooting Broadway to the Lido which lasts about 40 minutes.  Both walks are available for download at the fanSHEN site HERE.

Applecart at Foodival, Sep 14th 2014
fanSHEN director Dan Barnard says: "the sound files and route maps are free to download and you can either listen to them as you do the walks (which enhances the experience) or just listen to them as radio programmes, which works well too! You may recognise some of the voices! "

Thanks to Dan and the team at fanSHEN for producing these fascinating and enjoyable trips round Tooting.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Tooting Constitutional Club Development

Last year we were all coming together to save the Wheatsheaf with some success.  Now the latest community space that could soon be turned from public space into private flats and shops is the former Tooting Constitutional Club, just down from Sainsburys at Tooting Broadway.  On Wednesday evening there was a chance to peruse some proposed plans at the site.

This thread at Tooting Online has some details and debate as does this one on Streetlife

TTC as it is now
On first impresssion, the proposed development does seem monstrously large in comparison to the current buildings and those adjacent, and while it does include a small unspecified "community space", it is not clear at this stage what that might be.

You can have your say on the plans, but be quick, you need to email comments by the end of Monday 20th Oct to
What the streetscape might look like with a huge development of flats

Tooting History Group say the building apparently dates from the 18th Century, and though the site evidently needs work, wouldn't it be better if it was developed sensitively with the community and history foremost in mind?  Wouldn't it be great if a site like this could be retained wholly or in part for use by a variety of Tooting's myriad community groups?   TTT would certainly be interested in using, running or helping to develop such a space.   There's also a bowling green at the back which will largely disappear under concrete if these plans go ahead. What could we imagine that being: a new community garden?  A revived bowling green?  A pocket park?

Developers will naturally always want to maximise returns from property investments, so it's up to us as residents to speak up, put pressure on them and the Council to ensure that development is right for the community and the site. Why not send Stefanie some thoughts?

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Furzedown Low Carbon Zone: Film Night 22nd Oct

All welcome to a Film Night hosted by our sister project, Furzedown Low Carbon Zone.

Date: Wednesday October 22nd
Venue: The Furzedown Project, 93 Moyser Road, SW16 6SJ
Timings: Doors open at 7:30pm, and the showing starts at 8:00
Booking: Please book a ticket on our booking page here. Tickets are £5.00. Under-16s and over-60s are free (please book in all the same)

We'll finish by 9:30, but conversation can always move to the pub! 
Film is better with tea, coffee and cake - and if you came to the Tooting Foodival you know we make some great cakes.

We're showing 'Disruption':
a brand new film about climate change and community 
organisation in the face of apparent poltical apathy 

The film also covers the background to the New York City Climate March last month.

As well as fundraising for our activities, we'll be sharing the proceeds of the evening with Furzedown FACE, a group that supports the local community. 

The 'FLCZ' has been active for three years now
Furzedown Low Carbon Zone is a community association dedicated to reducing the carbon emissions of Furzedown and surrounding areas. You may have seen us at Furzedown Big Day Out, at Tooting Foodival or on the Climate March.

Two earlier FLCZ projects were carried out with many local partners including South Thames College, Eardley School, Furzedown enterprises and Transition Town Tooting. Do watch the project videos:

1 'The Greener Jobs Alliance' - watch it here

2 'Better Choices for a Better Tomorrow' - watch it here

We're proud that our first project won the Green Gown Awards 'Best Newcomer' category  in 2012 from The Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges.

If you'd like to find out about FLCZ activities, including our current focus on setting up a community renewable energy scheme, please contact us here.
We look forward to seeing you.

Friday, 26 September 2014

A follow-up to the People's Climate March

A huge event worldwide - maybe the biggest of its kind, ever.

Here's a map from, one of the 
campaign partners:

The march in New York City:
What's happened afterwards (so far)?
This article gives a good view from the UN:  'Five ways Ban Ki-moon's summit has changed international climate politics forever'

Please join us to carry out relevant, rewarding and practical local activities together, here in Tooting.  
Do get in contact with your ideas.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

People's Climate March, London Sept 21 2014

Why take part in the Climate March?

With strong arms, one inspired person can achieve a lot!

By joining Transition Town Tooting, the Tooting Community Garden, and Furzedown Low Carbon Zone, and Transition Wandsworth together all under one banner - we can share the work and achieve even more.

Why take part...?
Young people can express themselves, we can all be inspired...
We can get talking to others by showing off our banner (thanks loads for making it, Alice).

Today's march was worthwhile for the sense of connection within a common cause, the conversations, the contacts made.

And some extra learning? Have longer bamboo poles next time..

All welcome to join us in Transition Tooting or the Furzedown Low Carbon Zone to get involved with practical community projects on food, growing, energy, air quality, sustainable living and more.
Together we're all contributing creativity and some local solutions to the global challenges we all face, whatever group we belong to.

There's a good new film: 'Disruption', reminding us why climate change is so significant: watch it here online for free.
And you can hear Naomi Klein (details here) talk about her new book 'This Changes Everything: Capitalism against the Climate' on October 6th in central London.
Please join in!


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Thanks for being part of a wonderful Foodival!

We had a great weekend, then a much-needed couple of days to relish the whole experience. Now, our Foodival wrap-up report is ready - it's one click away on the Foodival page here

We hope you enjoy reliving last weekend!

Thanks to all from the whole team at Transition Town Tooting.
We can't wait for the eighth annual Tooting Foodival in Sept 2015!
We're very keen to get your feedback on Foodival. Either pop a comment on the blog below, get in touch or fill in our survey here.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Foodival Day One

A great day collecting fruit and veg at Foodival. Hope to see you tomorrow at Samaj Hall.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

So Much On At Foodival 2014!

The 2014 Foodival looks set to be the biggest yet. In its seventh incarnation, Foodival now involves a presence at both the BATCA Funday and Foodcycle (both on Saturday 13th) where you can drop off food donations, have your photo taken in our photo booth and maybe be a late entry for Top Tooting Cook.

On Sunday 14th at Samaj Hall, 26b Tooting High St, the line-up of bands and performers is incredible and we are really grateful for all of their offers to entertain us.  Similarly we are very grateful to the particpating restaurants cooking up your donated produce, the fabulous array of local groups who will be there, not to mention the special input of fanSHEN, Mark Watson and Tooting's Phantom Knitter.

Follow these links to head over to the Foodival website for more details.

We hope to run into you enjoying yourself this weekend in the cultural food village that is Tooting.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Restart Party Report

Tonight's Restart Party was very cool. Thank you so much to Ugo and Janet for organising this event for us at Mushkil Aasaan. Naseem I hope your intercom and kettle were fixed! So I took my TV, only two years old, and watched guitarist Ben and 11 year old schoolboy Sonny, take it apart. It took an hour or more to test every bit of it but in the end the verdict is that I can buy a £17 power supply board to fix this rather than buy a £200 replacement!  Thank you so much boys - I will try!  You can see them in this slideshow:

The Restart idea is surely the way forward. We cannot endlessly plunder our planet for finite resources to make disposable electronic and countless others products.  Had a great chat with the Gaia Foundation about their Short Circuit report which focuses on the lifestyle of electronic gadgets and the true cost to the earth.  Thanks to everyone who volunteered and attended this evening - let's do it again. David

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Who's cooking up a feast for Foodival?

We are very pleased to be able to announce the restaurants who will be taking up the challenge of cooking up delicious taster dishes from all the food you're donating to Foodival.

Find out who those seven restaurants are over on the Foodival blog.

Fancy joining them in celebrating local produce?
  • You can produce a dish from your own locally grown or foraged produce as part of the Top Tooting Cook competition
  • Or pick up some produce from us by visiting Mushkil Aasaan from 4pm - 5pm on Saturday 13 September.

And if you have any food you'd like to donate, you can drop it off at our stand at the BATCA Community Fun Day or at Mushkil Aasaan during Foodcycle from 1pm - 4pm on Saturday 13 September.