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Friday, 30 December 2016

Can You Give Up Meat for a Month?

When TTT co-chair Richard mentioned he was going to go vegetarian for January, it made me think could I? 

Some vegetables, yesterday

Not eating meat and what it means, touches on so many of the environmental issues that TTT has tried to tackle over the years. Land and water use, global warming, animal welfare, population growth, the carbon cycle, the changing climate, human health and well-being all seem relevant. It sparked my interest. Then I saw an ad for veganuary on the tube, a campaign to encourage people to become vegan for a month.  Could I, a lover of bacon sandwiches, lamb karahi, fillet steak and recently copious amounts of turkey join in with such an endeavour?

I think I can but... how? What will it be like? What about fish? Is anyone else out there interested? There's only one day to decide ... DT


Jenny Teasdale said...

I went veggie last January for a month and really enjoyed it. I discovered loads of recipes that I love (and can share) and although I still eat meat now, I eat vegetables more than meat or fish. The one weakness for me really is cheese... I find it hard to give up cheese (and Yoghurt)

Richard Couldrey said...

So far, so good! 3 days in and I've enjoyed chick pea curry, veggie bangers and mash and grilled halloumi with caponata. There really is a huge amount of wonderful veggie food to discover. In fact, there is so many food recipes and ideas at our fingertips nowadays, it doesn't feel like much of a restriction to go Vegetarian... totally concur with the cheese thing though, I've noticed I've eaten cheese every day so far...