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Saturday, 9 January 2016

TTT's seasonal tweets for Xmas '15 & New Year '16

From Boxing Day to Twelfth Night we posted tweets at about diverse aspects of sustainability in all our lives in Tooting. 

These were written by different individuals in TTT - so there are many voices represented, aged 6 to 66. And they reached many people - TTT has over 2000 Twitter followers.

They are also immediate and ephemeral messages, overtaken by the next rush of comments (including our own). 
We've decided to log this set of tweets, so we can read them again - and so you can still enjoy them if you don't use Twitter.

Here they are in reverse order:

Tweet 11 - 5th Jan 2016
11th tweet of Xmas from Domi (age 6): "invent solutions to save the polar ice caps in '16" #keepitintheground #yeswecan 

Tweet 10 - 4th Jan 2016
Hands Up for a Hands On 2016: knead bread, knit socks, know that there are 'brains in our fingers' and using 'haptic skills' makes us happy!
Tweet 9 - 3rd Jan 2016
Seasonal tweet: Get through this week by eating well, mostly plants; sleep; move everyday; be social; be aware; be grateful 

Tweet 8 - 2nd Jan 2016
Thinking about how FoodIval might evolve this year 'When people get together over food they can talk about anything'   

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