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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Rio+20: What if we got the future we want?

On the evening of Wednesday 20th June a group in Tooting met to join in with the UK-wide Festival of Transition's 24 Hours of Possibility. See
Why go to Rio when you can come to Tooting?
For half the time we were catching up with the past and present.
We had a lot of discussion, clarification and questioning based on hearing a BBC World Service programme on the run-up to Rio+20. 
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We explored the roles and representation at these summits - leaders, negotiators, lobbyists and NGOs, and 'the people': what is the quality of the exchanges and contacts?
Then we did travel to our desired future, in groups, choosing a future role and an issue that we envisioned and then acted out to the rest of the group. A future family talked about new habits in purchasing and consumption... the local council proudly described to a journalist their achievements with energy (yes, the wool from the sheep on Tooting Common is being used as insulation in 2032)...a local shopkeeper showed off seasonal and local stock, and a customer went away with potatoes when they were looking for mangoes...

It was great to see how much was covered and shared in a short time - when you are involved and listening.

Thanks to all who came along to explore Tooting's future now!

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Now the conference is over: see Nick Clegg's one-page summary of outcomes, at