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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Free Energy Training Day Sat 25th Sept

In association with the Energy Saving Trust, Transition Town Tooting are organising a free Energy Auditing Day for homes and community buildings.

If you would like to be able to carry out a basic energy audit of any building then this course will show you some of the processes involved. It includes monitoring consumption and identifying the potential savings that could be made through the introduction of energy efficiency improvements.

Subjects covered will include the following:
• How to understand meter readings and bills
• What is involved in an energy audit
• How to identify and control of different types of heating
• Which types of heating are efficient and appropriate, depending on needs
• Specific issues relating to heat loss and insulation
• Opportunities for reducing consumption and increasing energy efficiency, including efficient lighting and controls
• The basics of some small scale renewable energy technologies
• How an auditing project could benefit your community and how Green Communities and other organisations can support your project

Space is limited so please book your place now by EMAILING

Venue: Christian Education Centre, 21 Tooting Bec Road, London, SW17 8BS; Sat 25th Sept. 10-4.30pm,

Lunch and refreshments will be provided; we just ask for a minimum contribution of £2 towards the hire of the hall.

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Paul said...

Recently I have presented our journey from non-farmers to one of the first organic carbon-neutral beef & lamb farms at The Royal Agricultural College and also at the last Transition Movement's International conference. That is all our energy is already renewable: water heating, space heating, electricity, even transport.
I would be very happy to combine our next delivery to London on 25th August (or later deliveries) with a talk/ presentation at a suitable event. I am in London only on the last Wednesday each month for our carbon neutral deliveries of organic meat boxes, which happens to coincide with your event. Just let me know if you are interested.

I could pop in at the Christian Education Centre for the last couple of hours or so to share our experiences with you. That might add a practical viewpoint to your energy training day.

Good luck
Fieldpower, email: