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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Sustainable Future?

The government of The Maldives held a cabinet meeting under water last month to emphasise how their nation is threatened by rising sea levels and climate change.

And an article in the Guardian today claims that the International Energy Agency has been deliberately underplaying the looming oil shortage for fear of triggering panic buying.  Hmmm ...

Meanwhile, closer to home, consultation is under way on Wandsworth Council's environmental policy document entitled 'Ambition for a sustainable future'.  The Wandsworth Environment Forum is holding a workshop on Monday 16th Nov. to (a) find out more about what the council is proposing (b) contribute local people's views about the proposals and (c) shape the Council's environmental priorities over the coming years.  All are welcome and full details of how to attend are here

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Kevin said...

Interesting meeting at City Hall last night of the London Low Carbon Communities Network. Lots of discussion and promises of action led by Sue Sheehan and Chris Church. Good Turn out and wide cross section there. Lots of Hyde Farm Can there (well 3). A steering committee formed to take things forward and promise of a follow up in 3 months. Good support from LB Lambeth.