Making Change in How We Live, Where We Live, in Light of Climate Change (FOR TWELVE YEARS!)


Carbon Conversations is a facilitated approach that enables individuals to explore how they can reduce their personal carbon footprints. It works by bringing together small groups of people to discuss the different areas of life in which we can reduce our carbon emissions: in domestic energy, in travel, in food, and in consumption and waste.

Groups meet over six weekly sessions. During these meetings there is the chance to discuss in a supportive and friendly atmosphere the practicalities of making low-carbon lifestyle changes. The sessions are well structured with a mixture of games and activities, and are co-ordinated by two trained volunteer Carbon Conversations facilitators.

There is no fee to take part in a Carbon Conversations group. The only cost is currently £14 for the books and learning materials that are used during the sessions. TTT have been running groups over the last five years and they have been hugely successful. On average, from participating in a group people are able to reduce their footprints by nearly four tonnes.

So if you're looking for ideas about how to lower your carbon footprint, and want to meet some friendly and like-minded people, this is a great place to start! Groups run regularly throughout the year. If you'd like to find out more. just get in touch.
Here's the description of the latest series.

Some feedback from recent participants:

'We all left excited, with some practical tips and new ideas to implement in our own homes.'

'At the last session I don't think anybody wanted to leave.' 

"The beauty of Carbon Conversations is the optimism, creativity and ideas
that are shared and emerge"

'I learned a great deal from the whole Carbon Conversations process and have made some fairly significant choices about my own lifestyle. I’m now busy reflecting on ways to communicate what I have learned to others in a way that avoids preaching and guilt trips. I'm also loving seeing London from a bicycle rather than sweating on the tube. And trying to convince myself that I prefer coffee without milk…'

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