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Sunday, 28 February 2021

Pollinator Paradise

On the 1st March 2021 we are launching our brand new competition, Pollinator Paradise, to encourage the planting of pollinator-friendly flowers in and around Tooting.

This could be your front garden, a balcony, window sill, hanging basket or even around the base of the street tree outside your home.
You can enter any place or planter that can be seen safely from the street and which you have permission to plant in.

There are two parts to the competition; an individual competition and a street competition - so team up with your neighbours and try to make as many pollinator-friendly habitats as possible!

For more information, and to sign up, please see our website specifically for the project.

You can also find our social media details on the website so follow to make sure you get any updates and to share your progress and experience.

Funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, via Transition: Bounce Forward  has helped us to run the Pollinator Paradise competition. Thanks to all National Lottery players for making this possible.

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