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July 2016:

Tour de Tooting this Sunday 3rd July: 

 All the Latest! 

Wheels are turning down in Tooting Town: the Tour de Tooting is just a pedal away. 

Once upon a time in a town called Tooting, there was big windmill whose sails had not turned for a very long time. A group of children got together and wondered - if they took to the streets asking everyone to create energy from their whistles, clicks, thumbs up, high fives and smiles - could they get the sails to turn again? So they set off. As they were leaving they realised they'd forgotten two things! Some Corn - important for the windmill to grind, to make bread for all and some Water to grow the corn. Just as they were leaving an Elephant appeared to help them gather water from the River and off they went. Find out what happened to them along the way! 


Sunday 3rd July - departing Franciscan School 2pm (gathering at 1pm). 

After weeks of workshops and preparations, the brightly coloured rickshaws are being stored in a church, a windmill is having its sails attached and a bus diversion from the Tooting Bus Turning Circle has been secured. 


Cars and buses are being asked kindly to budge over a bit for a short while as Pelatons of Pedalistas gather at Franciscan School from 1pm on Sunday July 3rd to help this Tooting story on its way: a grand community celebration of the people-powered wheels in our lives making good change in our town. Wheels are a symbol of change: one of the greatest of human inventions and associated with liberation and freedom. Come with your wheels to reinvent them! We need your wheeled energy to turn the sails. 

You're welcome to join in planting up your wheelbarrow with growing plants, adding final touches to your wheel decorations to make a day to remember. Come dressed up to accompany The Corn Rickshaw (Yellow); the Water Rickshaw (Blue); the Windmill and Wheel Rickshaw (White and Red); in Orange as a brightly coloured Pedalista or come as you are. But Come!!! 

We will make a pop-up temporary roundabout in the Bus Turning Circle and need you there!!! The Balham Ukulele Society will be playing, the Indian Dance Academy dancing and many Tooting Local Businesses are providing refreshments for our Sharing Picnic on Fishponds Fields from 3pm onwards.

There are many ways you can take part:

Friday July 1st 3.35pm - 6pm Come along to Franciscan School Fair, 221 Franciscan Road, Tooting, SW17 to help finish decorating our rickshaws and find out more  

Saturday July 2nd 12.30-4pm Final preparations are being made here there and everywhere. Work at home or come to find others. Email to find out where. 

Sunday July 3rd 

Morning - join friends and neighbours on your own cycle ride or book a place on Pedal Back and Balance Mindful cycle ride meeting Pedal Back Cafe 11am Broadway Market with Jawad Al-Nawab  

1pm - Gather in Playground of Franciscan School. Join the Parade there or along the way! We parade through the streets of Tooting to Fishponds Field for a sharing picnic. Bring friends and family and picnic! All welcome. 

The Route (see picture) will begin from Franciscan Road down Totterdown Street, down Ashvale Road to the Bus Turning Circle, up Longmead Road, across Upper Tooting Road to Broadwater Road, Fishponds Road, Hebdon Road and into Fishponds Field. We have been working in collaboration with London Buses, Transport for London, Wandsworth Council, local police and Emergency Services to secure this route which will be safe for all.  


If you are free to help as a Volunteer on the Day especially from 12.30pm -3pm, it would be grand to have your help, let us know: See you there!


April 2016:

Grand Parade of Wheels takes to the Tooting roads!

Imagine a world where people-powered wheels are celebrated and roads are not for cars alone. 

You can be a part of that reality this summer by entering the Tour de Tooting on Sunday 3rd July.

The Tour de Tooting builds on the conventional format of a cycle ride with an extra spin. Community inventiveness combines fun, wellbeing, cycling, wheel mechanics, health and quieter, greener streets to celebrate the wheels in our lives. 

Event organiser and co-founder of Transition Town Tooting (TTT), Lucy Neal explains:

“Wheels are a symbol of change. One of the greatest of human inventions and associated with independence and freedom. The Tour de Tooting creates opportunities to have fun with people of all ages and across all cultures to celebrate wheels of all sizes and uses. Combined with social connection, physical activity is increasingly recognised as a source not just of our health and happiness, but of a greener, safer, lower carbon world. Together, we can reinvent The Wheel!”

Richard Couldrey, TTT’s Co-Chair adds:
 “It’s logistically challenging to close roads for a Tour de France-style event, so we thought to pilot something this year, working with Tooting organisations and residents, to guage people’s interest and enthusiasm for an expanded event next year in 2017.”

On the day...

In the morning
  • Local community-led cycle rides will take place in the morning on Sunday, 3rd July. More details on meeting places soon.
In the afternoon
  • Starting at 2pm on Sunday 3rd July, the Grand Parade of Wheels takes to the road: handmade, colourful, decorated, re-invented, buggies, trolleys, scooters, wheelchairs, rickshaws, penny farthings, tandems, bicycles and wheelbarrows. 
The Parade finishes at Fishponds Fields for a collective ‘Sharing Picnic’ from 3.30-5.00pm.   

Get bike ready! Get involved

Hubs & Spokes Cafe
If you'd like to get involved or just want to find out more about the plans for Tour de Tooting, join us at the pop up Hubs & Spokes Cafe - open to all and to all ideas! Maybe you would like to marshall on the day or lead a bike ride. Maybe you can lend your making skills to other or lend a bike!

  • Tue, 19th April - 7pm @ Mushkil Aasaan
  • Thu, 19th May - 6.30pm @ Rechere's Wellbeing Centre,  163-165 Tooting High Street. More details here

Film and fundraising, 28th June, 7pm - 9pm

Join us at Tooting Market for a bike-themed film evening to raise funds for the running of Tour de Tooting. We'll be showing the fabulous "Breaking Away" and more. More details and tickets on Eventbrite.  

Wheeled Workshops!

There will be wheel decorating and bike workshops for all. If you'd like to learn the skills and take them to your community group, your street, your school or your organisation, come to the session on 07 June and become a pedalista! Or email
  • 04 June - wheel decorating and bike workshop, 12.30-4.30pm, Bruce Hall
  • 07 June - learn to be a pedalista and take the wheel decorating to more people! 6:30 - 8:30
    Work and Play Scrapstore
  • 21 June - a wheel-themed Restart Party, 6.30-9.30pm, Mushkil Aasaan
  • 26 June - wheel decorating and bike workshop, 12.30-5.30pm, Bruce Hall
  • 01 July - wheel decorating at Fransciscan School's Festival, 4-6pm
  • 02 July - wheel decorating and bike workshop, 11am-4pm

The Route 

Working in collaboration with Transport for London, Wandsworth Council, local police and Emergency Services, the route will begin from Franciscan Road down Totterdown Street across Upper Tooting Road to Broadwater Road, Fishponds Road, Hebdon Road and into Fishponds Field.

Here is the flyer with the route to download and share here


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