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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Eight days, six meetings

If good meetings take practice, then in the past week we've been rehearsing for a team yellow jersey with six meetings in eight days -sometimes an uphill climb, sometimes a sprint!

There was the last workshop of our sixth series of Carbon Conversations; our monthly TTT co-ordination get together; inaugurating the new 'SMART' artists' group; streamlining our web presence and communications; Community Garden planning; prep for the fifth annual Foodival (22 & 23 Sept).
Our last TTT email out said 'come and help us plan'...we will share more on the content later (& do come along next time to find out more).
For now, I'm simply sharing some images of people engaging, listening, challenging, laughing, connecting.
Sitting around tables may not sound like a priority when you think of the challenges we're all facing - but while planning isn't a goal in its own right, it's so important to do it as well as we can, and enjoy it together!   - Charles

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